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VARIOUS OTHERS is the »Echolot of Art«, the Süddeutsche Zeitung titled last year. The positive response to the young initiative from the public with over 20,000 visitors reflected this view of the multifaceted program.
VARIOUS OTHERS 2020 / Nir Altmann hosting Sultana, Paris & Peres Projects, Berlin © Rebecca Ackroyd, Lyon Biennale 2019, courtesy of the artist and Peres Projects, Berlin

Nir Altmann hosting Sultana, Paris & Peres Projects, Berlin © Rebecca Ackroyd, Lyon Biennale 2019

VARIOUS OTHERS is a cooperative project among Munich museums, galleries and offspaces. It was initiated in 2018 by a group of young gallery owners and curators in order to further promote Munich as an art location and to strengthen its international appeal. The close cooperation between major museums, international galleries and off-spaces is unique in Germany. Unlike major trade fairs and gallery weekends, VARIOUS OTHERS in Munich functions as a rather small and concentrated platform for a specialist audience of art lovers and collectors. While museums participate with formats especially designed for VARIOUS OTHERS, galleries and off-spaces invite international partners to jointly organize exhibitions in Munich. 

What effects will the corona lockdown and its follow-up measures have on VARIOUS OTHERS 2020? »Finally, the VARIOUS OTHERS concept comes into full effect. It has always provided for decentralization«, says Sarah Filter, director of Galerie Klüser. »We will continue on the path we have chosen despite the special situation. In particular, I don’t expect major events this year, but rather smaller formats all at the highest level. VARIOUS OTHERS is concentrated in the city center of Munich and is so easy to explore on foot or by bicycle. We are agile and can thus react flexibly as the situation develops in late summer«, comments Johannes Sperling, Member of the Board of VARIOUS OTHERS, on the decision to carry out the cooperative project as planned. Speaking for the museum partners, Patrizia Dander, head curator at the Museum Brandhorst, explains the special situation as follows: »Here in Munich, museums, galleries, off-spaces, artists and curators all work together on VARIOUS OTHERS. Above all, it is about the solidarity we share amongst us, which this year is more important than ever before.« 

This autumn, the initiative faces one of the greatest challenges to date due to corona. In Munich, the situation is seen by many involved as an opportunity because the conditions at the location are good. For centuries, Munich has been one of Europe’s most important art trading locations, with a strong domestic market and a broad catchment area. Previous sponsors continue to support the successful format. VARIOUS OTHERS is largely financed by donations through the Association for the Promotion of Munich’s External Perception as a Cultural Location, and receives additional support from Munich’s Department of Arts and Culture and Munich Travel, as well as from partnerships and sponsoring from private companies. 

As the past few months have shown, love for art does not decrease even in times of crisis. On the contrary: The desire to experience art real and live once again is expected to lure visitors, who have become gradually bored with digital replacement formats, into the participating galleries, off-spaces and exhibition halls in the third edition of VARIOUS OTHERS – all of course with the necessary precautions and in compliance with the applicable protection and hygiene regulations.

VARIOUS OTHERS 2020 runs one month from the 9th of September until the 11th of October, 2020 and marks the beginning of the autumn season. The opening weekend will take place from the 9th to the 13th of September, 2020. The event with 25 participants from Munich, including galleries, off spaces and the large institutions, as well as 19 partners from Belgium, France, India, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA, will highlight the city art calendar in autumn 2020, which has shrunk as a result of the pandemic. The high-quality and exciting program will enrich the cultural location of Munich.

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